Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canadian GP dropped from schedule.

I can't believe it, he strikes again! Bernie Ecclestone is doing it again, menacing to remove the Canadian GP from the F1 schedule. They did it about 5 times in the past and have always come back. Truth is, the Canadian GP is a good thing for F1 and it's major players. It's a good venue for racing, the stands are always packed and they give, year after year the best TV ratings in Europe. Right now there are negotiations to bring back F1 in the United-States and Bernie, as always, is trying to bluff. Yes, it's expensive to move everyone in North America for only one race and yes, it would make sense to have two races on North American soil to save a few bucks but, I do not believe that. They go in Australia and Brazil year after year without ever mentioning the transport costs. I believe Bernie is trying to get as much money as possible by threatening the Canadian GP organisation and the Canadian Government. He knows that he need Montreal on his calendar and he knows the teams and sponsors want to come back. By announcing the removal of the Canadian race from the schedule he forces everyone (including possible US GP promoter) to beg him for a race. I say: "F$*@ you Bernie!" F@#& you Formula One!" See you next summer in Montreal sucker! And I say, it's about time someone in Montreal start building a proper oval track for NASCAR to come here. Anyone listening in Now-Dead-Montreal-City?

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